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Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Agency In Melbourne
Email Marketing Agency In Melbourne

Fully Managed Email Marketing Service

People do tend to downplay the power of a good Email Marketing campaign. The more popular digital marketing avenues such as SEO, PPC or Social Media Advertising etc sometimes overshadow an email’s potential. But the fact remains that email marketing perhaps fetches the best ROI for every dollar spent on the marketing. 

SEO BACKING have clocked in more than 400% returns on every dollar that is spent. 

Well, for the sceptics among you, the likes of Amazon will corroborate the power of this digital marketing technique. 

But for you to tap into the power of this medium, you need to understand how exactly email promotion works and how we can fit it to your marketing needs. 

Power of Being Personal 

The power of the email comes from the fact that there is no other medium that can communicate more personally to your potential customers. 

When you address your customer by her name and recommend products or services that are personalised based on the customer’s buying history, the email makes tremendous impact on the reader. 

It elicits trusts in the recipient, if you are not pretentious about the familiarity. It doesn’t mean that you can only email your existing customers; this is where the personalization based on purchase history, demographics or purchase preferences can be utilized to establish honest familiarity. It takes plenty of to do however, SEO BACKING’s fully managed email marketing campaign has made it easy for you.

Trust – the Key Ingredient 

As we have already mentioned, eliciting trust in the recipient of your Emails extremely important and this is one of the key ingredients that makes email marketing campaigns highly influential. 

The highly successful emails give the relevant information to the recipient and not the information that you want to give out. This encourages trust in the recipient of your email and ensures better ROI. 

Emails with personal email signature are seen to elicit more trust and thereby ensure higher response from its recipients. 

Emails Gives You More Eyeball Time 

It is simple. Email messages receive more attention and eyeball time from a recipient that any other social media. When your email marketing campaign is relevant to the recipients, they spend more time reading and understanding your offer. Make your message relevant and Email does the rest. 

Time it Correct and Email Works for You 

Like social media, people give more time to their emails after working hours. When the recipients have their time and attention to give you, the campaign works for you. 

What’s in it for me? 
If you analyse some of the email campaigns with highest ROIs, they are ones that answer the age-old question of the customer – 
The only difference here is that there should be something in it for the recipient to read your mail. Great email campaigns give the right free content to the recipient and the ROI shoots through the roof. 

You can easily see why email campaigns can give you the highest ROIs. Contact SEO BACKING to create the next high ROI, email campaign for your business. 

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