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Digital Marketing Agency

Looking for digital marketing agency for Event Planner then you have came to right place. We have create custom digital marketing strategy for Event Planner to maximize your return.

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We live in an age where trying to build a successful and growing business without an online presence is a recipe for failure. And why would you? Going digital means you have more ways to attract new consumers, and you’ll see great results in sales and revenue. But you do need a custom digital marketing plan that made for your industry. We have studied your industry and create custom plan that works for you.

We powerful strategy to define just how your company can achieve its business goals using digital marketing channels and platforms. And these are just a few things you’ll be working with. You’ll also need to recognize your consumers’ needs, prioritize audiences, set clear targets, and more.

And while all this may sound sophisticated and complicated, we can assure you there’s nothing to be intimidated by. Because we’re here to help you put together a smashing digital marketing strategy that will take your business to a whole new level.

Let’s look at the seven steps you need to take to develop that strategy for Event Planner

digital marketing agency


Set Realistic Goals – Digital Marketing Agency Event Planner

Your digital marketing strategy won’t work unless you know exactly what you want to from it. Set concrete, actionable, and reachable goals. But don’t be vague about it. You’ll need to talk figures because a simple “Engage more clients” won’t do. Instead, go for “Increase sales by 15% by the end of the year”. This will give you a good start by allowing you to conduct further analysis as to how this goal can be achieved.

Having multiple, distinct goals also helps. And if you find yourself struggling to figure out what those should be, taking a peek at what the competition is doing is always a good option. You will, however, need to adapt those goals to the way you do business and to the company’s values and principles.


Figure out Your Target Audience –

Digital Marketing Agency Event Planner

Our powerful digital marketing strategy also means a bit of investigation work. We collect detailed information on the consumers most likely to purchase your products or services. We find answer to few simple but vital questions:

– Are women most likely to purchase my products or services?
– Are men most likely to purchase my products or services?
– Where do they live?
– How old are they?
– How educated are they?
– What kind of jobs do they have?

This information is the basic material to conduct a market research. Once we figure out your buyer personas, including their internet activities, their hobbies and interest, and other similar aspects of their lives, we can then begin to target your potential clients with quality content.

digital marketing agency

Establish a Budget –

Digital Marketing Agency Event Planner

Building a good digital marketing strategy also means you’ll be spending a few bucks along the way. It’s best to examine your financial resources and take note of what changes in the way you handle your budget may occur. And here are a few steps to take to ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into:

1. Look at your company’s historical spending data.
2. If you discover that a certain element failed to bring the desired outcome, scratch it.
3. Define your current digital marketing budget.
4. Decide on your digital channels.
5. Allocate certain portions of your budget to each channel.


Gain a Better Understanding of Social Media –

Digital Marketing Agency Event Planner

Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool today. Once we have figured out what your target audience is, we find out where they spend time. This means researching social media platforms and deciding on the best and the ones you can safely avoid. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just a few of the most popular networks you can take advantage of.But keep in mind that there’s absolutely no need to have a presence everywhere. You will risk spending too much time on social media platforms not compatible with your brand’s needs and the quality of your content may not engage that many users. It’s best to focus on just a few and provide quality content that convinces the consumer to not only choose your products or services but also help you reach a wider audience through likes, shares, re-tweets, and more.

Digital Marketing Tools –

Digital Marketing Agency Event Planner

There are heaps of tools we use to market your website. Here are few of them

Google Analytics:

An absolute must for measuring website traffic and bounces, tracking video and social networking sites, and other metrics you should care about.


It offers a keyword competition indicator, an estimated monthly search volume, and other features for both On-page and Off-page SEO optimization. MOZ is a gold mine but doesn’t come cheap.



If you want to create your own designs for social media, articles, or simply do some basic image editing, then this is one intuitive tool to use.


Start Working More on Your Content –

Digital Marketing Agency Event Planner

Now that we know who your audience is, we have established what your goals and the tools you need to use to reach them, start creating high-quality content. Remember, online users have high expectation because they’ve seen it all. They know how advertising works, they know more about marketing than you’d think, and they are very pretentious when it comes to what they’re offered.They won’t stick around if you fail to meet their expectations. We create engaging content that will not only inform them about your products or services but also entertains them, maybe even to the extent of pressing the Share button. You can win your audience over by experimenting with various approaches: video, blog posts, podcasts, tutorials, and even eBooks.


Learn to Adapt –

Digital Marketing Agency Event Planner

A powerful digital marketing strategy should not be stiff. It should be flexible enough to make changes even if you’ve initially planned differently. Google comes with different algorithm every now and then so we need to change our plan according to it.

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As you can see, creating a winning digital marketing strategy is no easy task and that’s why SEO BACKING is here. We will need to take a deep plunge into digital marketing, swim through the obstacles, and find your way to your goal by using knowledge and various tools and resources developed for professionals such as yourself.


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